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Saskatoon’s Women’s Only Triathlon Training Program – JTI (Just Tri It)

REGISTER SOON  —  2018 registration opens on January 1! The women’s only 8 week triathlon program runs from March 18 to May 13 .

Are you interested in trying something new and exciting? The Just Tri-It program is a great place to start. It offers training opportunities for women in swimming, biking and running/walking. Here you will find a fun, relaxed and informal group of women, all with the goal to develop a more active and healthy lifestyle.

This program is open to adult women (18+ years). Bring your co-worker, friend, sister, mom, aunt, grandmother! Join us for fun & fitness, while you make great friends! The program is encouraging and you don’t need to be an “athlete” – just need the courage to JUST TRI-IT.

Bring a positive just tri-it attitude!


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. danaken

    Hi there
    Just wondering if I’ve missed registration? I was hoping to have been sent an email as I was a participant last year. Thanks so much!
    Dana Begg



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