Mondays (Biking)

6:30 pm to 7:45 pm

Bike sessions will take place on Monday evenings at 6:15pm. Locations for the bike will be Meewasin Park (all the way down Spadina Crescent up to Pinehouse & Whiteswan Drive – we will be by the washrooms, playcentre) & Lakewood Civic Centre (1635 McKercher Dr).

Mar 19 & 21 Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio (#140 – 1804 McOrmond Drive) Indoor Spin & Yoga Session (Time slots to be picked on kickoff day)
TBD Bike Doctor                    (810 Broadway Avenue) Bike Safety and Shopping Night
Apr 2 Meewasin Park Shifting and Breaking; Basic Safety
Apr 9 Meewasin Park Bike Handling Drills
Apr 16 Meewasin Park Cornering & Passing
Apr 23 Meewasin Park Bike and run Bridge City Duathlon course
Apr 30 Meewasin Park Review
May 7 Meewasin Park Continuous Ride

You may choose to ride in whichever group you feel most comfortable. Feel free to switch groups at any time.  Helmets MUST be worn.

BEFORE AND DURING EACH BIKE RIDE, YOU WILL RECEIVE INFORMATION ON SUCH THINGS AS: Gearing, transitioning, passing, hills & gearing, race preparation and skills.


BEGINNER – A person who has not ridden a bike and may not own a bike, has not been very physically active in a regular exercise routine or hasn’t ridden a bicycle in a very long time. This person is unfamiliar with changing gears, breaking, proper fit of a bicycle and general bike maintenance.

BEGINNER PLUS – This person does have a small amount of endurance, has ridden a bike recently, either stationary or regular bicycle. Has a bike of their own. May need help on learning gearing, breaking, fit and general bike maintenance.

INTERMEDIATE – This person has a moderate level of fitness, works out approximately 3 times a week. Can ride a reasonable distance on a bike at a moderate pace. You should be capable of completing 45 minutes of interval or tempo training by the fifth week of this program.

ADVANCED – This person has a high level of fitness. Competent at riding varying terrain on the pavement and can climb fairly steep hills without walking their bike. These people should be able to do scheduled workouts at a fairly intense pace by the fifth week of the program. The bike leader for this group will be doing set workouts for this group by the third week. Road bike recommended.